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Sunday, 28 August 2016


Rev. Brian Wilkie
By Rev. Brian Wilkie                                                                                    

Pastor of St. Andrew's Christian Community
Rockland, Ontario

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Broadcast Notes:

Welcome to Good News In the Morning...
a program of words and music bringing a Christian message of hope and encouragement to those who are looking for intelligent meaningful and spirited approach to faith and to life.

This program is sponsored by Good News Christian Ministries Post Office Box 184 Rideau Ferry Ontario K0G 1W0. I'm your host today, Brian Wilkie of St. Andrew's Christian church in Rockland. As always I want to start by thanking you our listeners. We are so grateful for your encouragement and support. Please remember that you can always visit our website for materials to encourage and support you in your Christian walk.
If you miss an episode of the show you can go to our website and download the podcast or the MP3 of our broadcast. Details can be found on our website  

This morning our sponsor for the program is an individual Sandy Davidson and he wants to a salute Christian Counseling Ottawa, a registered charity that has been healing hearts and homes in the Ottawa area for 40 years. Thank you, Sandy, for your strong support of this program and I certainly am with you in saluting Christian Counseling Ottawa which has been doing such a great work.

Today as we start this program - well I've been doing this the program now for about 4 years long with Brent Russett, George Sinclair and Juliet Schimpf. We took over after Alan Churchill and others had been unable to carry it on. Over these four years I'm surprised to see that in all that time I haven't preached a message on the 23rd psalm, so I thought it would be time to bring that up, especially given the the shout out today which Sandy Davidson has made to Christian Counselling Ottawa. I'll say more about that later, but now, here is the 23rd Psalm, a Familiar Psalm to many Christians. It's known as “The Lord is my shepherd”:

‘The Lord is my shepherd’

Psalm 23
A psalm of David.
The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
            He makes me lie down in green pastures,
            he leads me beside quiet waters,
            he restores my soul.
            He guides me in paths of righteousness
            for his name’s sake.
            Even though I walk
            through the valley of the shadow of death,
            I will fear no evil,
            for you are with me;
            your rod and your staff,
            they comfort me.
            You prepare a table before me
            in the presence of my enemies.
            You anoint my head with oil;
            my cup overflows.
            Surely goodness and love will follow me
            all the days of my life,
            and I will dwell in the house of the LORD
            forever.  (Ps 23).

The 23rd Psalm is a Psalm that has been an important part of Christian understanding of God's love from the very beginning of Christianity. It's also a passage which has encouraged the Jewish faith for years and years and for more millennia, from the day that David wrote it in the in the days of ancient Israel, so we're going to take a look at this passage and the impact it has had on the lives of Christians and the meaning it has for our lives. But will do that in just a few moments after we listen to this Psalm put to music. This particular version is the hymn “The King of Love My Shepherd Is” and it's sung by Michael Card in this instance, from his album Starkindler.

When I was young Christian I knew most of the older Christians around me seemed to know the 23rd psalm and Lord's Prayer and a couple other brief passage of scripture.  I felt a little bit odd that this would be all that some of them knew. So I felt a little bit that people were leaning too much on just a small part of scripture.  It wasn't a passage of scripture, this 23rd psalm that took a lot of my attention because of that. I thought it was overdone and I would just kind of look at other scriptures more closely.

That was way it was for me, for some time, but when I was training for Ministry - still quite a young Christian - I was serving in an old age home where the people there had serious deterioration of their mental faculties because of age, and also had previous psychological issues before they became elderly. Those people in there had quite a quite a difficult time with their lives.

One day when I was serving on the ward there I heard someone crying out from another room. She was clearly in distress, but it was that kind of cry that just kept repeating and repeating and repeating. Nobody was answering. It was something that I guess people had decided just couldn't be fixed. She was just going to cry out like that and there wasn't much you could do. Since I had some time on my hands, I thought I'd go in and see if I could calm her down a bit.  I started talking with her, started trying to understand what was distressing her, knowing that that it would be a mix between reality and the world she was living in. Just sitting and talking with her and slowly trying to listen, she seemed to calm a bit. I started to see her whole countenance relax a bit. Still she wasn't making much sense. Her complaint was something that couldn't really be resolved and really was hard to understand anyways. But we had made some kind of connection, the two of us and after a time when she seemed to be calm and seemed to have a better peace, I thought we should end the time and I should go on and visit some of the other people on the floor. At that time I thought maybe it would be good to share a piece of scripture with her, be a good Christian Pastoral thing to do, and I decided that I would share the 23rd psalm with her. I didn't have my Bible with me, I had put it down somewhere else, so I just decided to recite it by memory and I started to say the words “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, he maketh me down to lie in pastures green, he leadeth me the Quiet Waters by. . . I started reciting in the King James version and which is the one that I knew best at the time, and about halfway through I realized I had forgotten what the next verse was. But this elderly lady, with so much trouble in her mind, when I stumbled on the words she spoke up! and then with the first sensible words that she had said in the entire time I had been there she continued reciting the twenty-third Psalm she carried on and I found my place and we end of the song together it was that was probably the first time I realized how powerful it was to have the word of God stored up in your heart, to be able to call it to mind even when so much else was lost. The 23rd psalm was, for her, a place of peace and quiet, a place that she could recall things: the pleasantness of God's grace and love towards her. and perhaps times in her life. That had an impact on me and I must say I paid more attention to the 23rd Psalm after that.

It is interesting that this week’s program should have a sponsor who wants us to draw attention to Christian Counseling Ottawa, because Christian Counseling Ottawa is a service of which I have availed myself in years past when I was going through a deep depression and burned out from work. I went to someone I knew there - Roger Moyer who was the founder of Christian Counselling Ottawa. I spent a couple of months week by week going and visiting with Roger and talking with him. One of the things that that really made a difference in helping me to get a hold of the good and the beautiful in life was learning to meditate upon scripture, to meditate upon God's word. The word that we used so often in that counseling was the 23rd Psalm. That's something I've carried with me for years since.

I remember, when I read it, I remember going on a retreat down to South Carolina in late spring when Ottawa was still grey and dingy and cold. I went down into South Carolina to a retreat center which was in fact beside some Quiet Waters. In fact I think the retreat center was called “Quiet Waters.” I remember lying down underneath some trees near the water there and just spending time remembering this particular Psalm.

Seeing myself in that very Place, lying down in verdant green growth beside beautiful still waters, the sun sparkling off the water onto the leaves above my head and just experiencing the peace which this Psalmist expressed:  the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want,

Just this year I was listening to a pastor named Ed Searcy speak about this Psalm and he paraphrased, “The Lord is my shepherd what more could I need? The Lord is my shepherd I don't need anything else!” This is certainly the truth expressed in the Psalm. When it says, “I shall not be in want,” it's saying that the Lord is providing the very things I need. Green Pastures and Quiet Waters are all that sheep really need. What are they for you? What are they for human beings? To be given by God what we need for our physical life, to be given by God what we need for refreshing ourselves and to be restored in our souls. This Shepherd doesn't just treat us like sheep, Jesus treats us like human beings. We have an inner being that needs refreshing and restoring and this is what God does for us. God guides us in paths of righteousness for his namesake. This truth [is] that God is going to lead us in a proper way, in the good way, in the right way. He's going to do this, not because we are owed something, not because we've demanded it, but because that's precisely what he wants to do.

If you ever feel like God was going to give up on you because you're having trouble walking those Paths of righteousness, sometimes it's good to remember he's not doing it because you're righteous, he's doing it because he is! Because he is good and he is going to keep on being good! He's going to continue to work with his sheep however far they stray.

The 23rd psalm is full of wonderful messages for us. [It] speaks of Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd, or rather, Jesus speaks of himself as the Good Shepherd in other scriptures and I want to speak a bit more about that.

First let's hear about how Jesus, not as the Good Shepherd but as the Lamb that was slain, is able to help us and strengthen us in our walk. This Song speaks about that - There is Power in the Blood of the Lamb. This version is sung by a group called This Hope from their album,  Acapella Hymns.

The Good Shepherd is the one who leads us where we need to go, who provides for us what we need for Life both physically and spiritually, who comforts us and strengthens us who blesses us and anoints us - this one is Jesus Christ.

Many people have tried to find other guides and helps in life but there's none like Jesus. Jesus himself says this in the scriptures, when he says in John chapter 10, “I tell you the truth, the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate but climbs in by some other way is a thief.  The man who enters by the gate is The Shepherd of his sheep. The Watchman opens the gate for him and the Sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own Sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought them all out on his own he goes on ahead of them and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. But they will never follow Stranger in fact they will run away from him because I do not recognize the stranger's voice.”

Now Jesus used this figure of speech but they did not understand what he was telling
them, therefore Jesus said again, “I tell you the truth I am the gate for the Sheep all who ever came before me were thieves and robbers and the sheep did not listen to them. I am the gate. Whoever enters through me will be saved: he will come in and go out and find pasture. The thief comes only to kill and steal; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full. I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. The Hired Hand is not the shepherd who owns the sheep, so when he sees the wolf come he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep. I am the Good Shepherd. I know my sheep and my sheep know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father. I lay down my life for the sheep. I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen, I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice and there shall be one flock and one shepherd. The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life, only to take it up again. No one takes it from me but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up. This command I received from my Father.

You see Jesus tells us here that he is the good shepherd, the one spoken of in Psalm 23. He tells us that he is willing to do whatever it takes to help the sheep.

See, the shepherd's job, the shepherd's life is to care for the Sheep The hired hand doesn't own the Sheep, he's got no reason to stick around when trouble comes. But the sheep are precious to the shepherd and Jesus is reminding the people that this is the kind of Shepherd they need.

Now, if you were to take this passage from John chapter 10 and replace the the word ‘sheep’ with your own name, or with the name with someone you're praying, for someone you're worried about. You are able to say, “The Good Shepherd lays down his life for you.” The hired hand is not the shepherd who owns you so when he sees the wolf coming he abandons you and runs away. The man runs away because he's a Hired Hand and cares nothing for you, but, Jesus, as the Good Shepherd says, “I know and you know me just as the father knows me and I know the father and I lay down my life for you. I have others that are not of this sheep pen. I'll bring them also. They will listen to my voice as well, and there shall be one Shepherd.”

Do you understand that Jesus is addressing you when he says, “I am the good shepherd.” Are you looking for a new Good Shepherd in your life? Are you looking for someone to watch over and protect you, someone to help you and strengthen you? ...Someone to equip you?

We are not, of course, as I said before, we're not sheep: we are human beings, and God in his kindness toward us doesn't merely feed us grass and lead us to water. He also leads us into righteousness, he also leads us through the ups and downs of Life, and he leads us to serve and bless others, as he works to equip us; as the shepherd helps the sheep. God is calling you and me to allow Jesus, to trust Jesus, as the Good Shepherd. One way to grow in trust is simply to think through the 23rd psalm and John chapter 10, to read them through and think about how this applies to your life, and also the lives of those you are concerned about.

Let's turn our hearts to God In Prayer as we seek this for us and for others.

Almighty God you are the good shepherd. You have cared for us with an everlasting love. Help us to remember your love, to remain in your love, to follow your voice and to receive your blessings, through Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Once again I want to thank you, our listeners, for your encouragement and support. We do thank you, because you keep us on the air week-by-week. We want to encourage you to support our Ministry financially so that we can continue this broadcast to over 7,000 listeners in the Ottawa River Valley. If you can please make a cheque payable to Good News Christian Ministries and send it to Post Office Box 184 Rideau Ferry Ontario K0G 1W0. You can also donate through our website by going to, and use the website there to make a donation. Canadian donors will be able to get a receipt at income tax time. I do also want to encourage you to tell others about this program.

Be sure to worship in the church where the gospel is soundly proclaimed and lived out with compassion, integrity, and resolve.

Now to conclude our program I would like to have you listen to a song called The Shepherd of Life by the Canadian singer Steve Bell from his album Beyond a Shadow.

I do pray that the Lord will hold your heart and you would know Jesus personally and profoundly. May the Holy Spirit reside deep within your heart and may the Heavenly Father surround you with his constant, abiding and accompanying love.

Good News in the Morning is produced in the studios of News Talk Radio 580 CFRA.

Rev. Brian Wilkie
St. Andrew's Christian Community, Rockland, Ontario
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Sunday, 21 August 2016


Rev. Brian Wilkie
By Rev. Brian Wilkie                                                                                    

Pastor of St. Andrew's Christian Community
Rockland, Ontario

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Broadcast Notes:

Welcome to Good News In the Morning, a program of words and music bringing a Christian message of hope and encouragement to those who are looking for intelligent meaningful and spirited approach to faith and to life.

This program is sponsored by Good News Christian Ministries PO Box 184 Rideau Ferry, Ontario K0G 1W0. I'm your host today, Brian Wilkie of St. Andrew's Christian church in Rockland. As always I want to start by thanking you, our listeners. We are very grateful for your encouragement and support. Please remember that you can always visit our website for materials to encourage and support you in your Christian walk. If you miss an episode of the show you can go to our website, download the podcast MP3 of our broadcast and listen to it there. Details can be found on our website (

This morning’s sponsor Sandy Davidson wants to call out a salute to Christian Counseling Ottawa (or CCO), which is a registered charity that has been healing hearts and homes in the Ottawa area for over 40 years. Thank you, Sandy, for your sponsorship of this program and for your appreciation of that other Christian Ministry, Christian Counseling Ottawa, that has been serving us so well.

“Cambodia is for Christ!”

Today as I speak to you I speak as someone who has recently returned from a mission trip to Cambodia and had a really wonderful experience there with a team of  people from Redeemer Alliance Church in Orleans. The scripture I want to share with you and the message I want to share are connected to that trip to Cambodia. This scripture is from Isaiah 55 verses 1 to 7: Isaiah 55:1–7 (NIV)

           “Come, all you who are thirsty,
            come to the waters;
            and you who have no money,
            come, buy and eat!
            Come, buy wine and milk
            without money and without cost.
            Why spend money on what is not bread,
            and your labor on what does not satisfy?
            Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good,
            and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.
            Give ear and come to me;
            hear me, that your soul may live.
            I will make an everlasting covenant with you,
            my faithful love promised to David.
            See, I have made him a witness to the peoples,
            a leader and commander of the peoples.
            Surely you will summon nations you know not,
            and nations that do not know you will hasten to you,
            because of the LORD your God,
            the Holy One of Israel,
            for he has endowed you with splendor.”
            Seek the LORD while he may be found;
            call on him while he is near.
            Let the wicked forsake his way
            and the evil man his thoughts.
            Let him turn to the LORD, and he will have mercy on him,
            and to our God, for he will freely pardon.

This is the word of the prophet Isaiah spoken hundreds of years before Jesus came and offered the Gospel to the whole earth. Even in this prophecy, the people of Israel are promised that nations they don’t even know will hasten to them because of t he Lord their God.

We’ll take a further look at that passage, and the experience that I've had in Cambodia in a few moments but first I'd like you to listen with me to the song called This is My Father's World sung by Mark Schultz from his album simply titled Hymns.

It’s one of the fundamental principles of our faith that “the Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.” The whole earth is made by God, The universe is made by God. There may be debates in Christian circles about how that creation happened and how long it took, but the ultimate truth is that God is the creator of all things. The Earth is not divided into territories that belong to different gods, there is but one true God and He, the Lord and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; - The Father, Son and Holy Spirit - this is the one God who rules all the Earth and who reaches out to save the whole earth. So when Isaiah was speaking in the in the passage that I just read earlier, he was speaking to the people of Israel and reminding them that they needed to turn to the true God. When he speaks about being thirsty, and people buying bread that doesn't satisfy, he was not really talking about the material needs of the people of Israel, he was speaking about the way they were turning to idols and false gods. They were spending their energy devoting themselves to things that were not God, that could not help them. He encourages them to eat what is good, “your soul will delight in the richest of fare”.

So he is saying to a people of Israel who had gone astray from the worship of the true God that they know I could turn back to him, the true God, that they could turn back to him and be satisfied.

Not only that he goes on and says, “I've made your King David a witness to all peoples!” So Nations that you don't know will come looking for the God which you are now worshipping! This Promise is not just Israel that there's a bread, a spiritual bread, that will satisfy, but it's to the whole world.

Well, in the first part of the month of July, I was in Cambodia with a team of 10 people, 5 of them were youth,  and 5 of them were adults and we went to a help with a program, which the Cambodian Missionary Alliance Church is carrying on year after year, of teaching English to students of all ages and primarily students from rural areas; both in the churches in the rural areas and as those students start to go to college and so on in the larger cities the church is  providing a dormitory for them so they can afford to go and get an education and build a hope for them and their families, and also in those dormitories teaching them English during the year. During the summer Christians from all parts of the world, (primarily North America) come into these situations to the help the students to practice conversational English, helping to teach them the principles of speaking English in an understandable and fluent way. It's really wonderful, even though we're only there for a short time, to be able to contribute to the long-term work of the Cambodian Church.

The amazing thing is to see the gospel at work lives of all kinds of people when you're on a short-term mission trip and it's something that I do highly recommend to Christians, to get a chance to see how the gospel is is being lived out in so many parts of the world.

When you go on one of these short-term trips you see people who have embraced the Gospel, and who are pursuing the gospel. You see in this case the Cambodian Christians, the Cambodian pastors, missionaries from all kinds of places and your own team. People from your own community, and people from other North American communities coming for a short time. All of their lives are filled with the testimony of the difference that God makes; of the way that God satisfied their deepest need; of the way he fed them with his Word and the way he satisfied their thirst, refreshing them with his grace and his love.

In Cambodia, we are looking at a country that went through some very difficult times in its recent history. Back in the 1970s a leader named Pol Pot came and ran a very tyrannical reign over the people, driving them out of the cities, killing anybody who had an education because he was afraid that educated people would be able to rally the people in opposition to what he was doing. He was returning people to what he considered to be their agrarian roots, but he was sending them out without tools, without Learning, and without understanding. So many people died just from being driven into situations they couldn't take, couldn't survive, and so many people were killed.

In the Cambodian Church in which I was serving it was pointed  out to me by another member of another team who had been there a few times - he pointed out a family that had from California. They were descendants of a fellow who had been killed in The Killing Fields of Cambodia. Their grandfather had died at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. At that same table was another person who survived the Khmer Rouge - a pastor who had had been taken when he was a child, before he was even a Christian,; Taken as a child with his village out to a field where a big pit had been dug and every one of them was hit in the back of the head with an axe, and fell into the grave that had been dug for them. He didn't die; he regained consciousness, and crawled out from among the bodies of his village and escaped into the forest. He had lived a life of great bitterness and anger and hatred until the gospel of Christ came and began to heal him and turn him into the person and the pastor that he is today. Yet another person at that same table had been a General in the Khmer Rouge until Christ grasped his life turned him around, caused him to repent of his evil and start serving the Lord. Can you imagine those three groups sitting at a table together:  a former Khmer Rouge General, a Survivor of the atrocities and the children of someone who have been murdered by the Khmer Rouge? All reconciled by God because of Jesus Christ. The Gospel works! The Gospel, the word of God, the good news of Salvation changes people's lives. It heals people of the injuries they suffered, turns people from the evil they have done, and causes people to forgive as they themselves have been forgiven. How wonderful and glorious just to see so many people that have been turned around in dramatic ways. Those testimonies were also true of some of the people who were missionaries, who were coming from other countries to help the Cambodian Church. They were people who have gone through the same kind of struggles that all Christians go through: trying to discern what God wanted them to do with their lives; trying to understand how to overcome their own insecurities and their weaknesses; how to see that they could be used by God in a powerful way and after going through all those struggles here they were in Cambodia making a difference in people’s lives.
It was very beautiful to be in Cambodia, to see the rice paddies and the agriculture to see the industry going on it's wonderful see how that country is recovering.

Do you know in the past 20 years that country has seen the gospel grow immensely? Twenty years ago, one half of 1% of Cambodians were Christians. Today 2% are Christians. That may seem like a small change, but  that's doubling the church every 10 years for the last two decades. That's an amazing testimony to the power of the Gospel to reach people who very much needed help and direction in their lives. People who are serving the church there now,  Cambodians who have come to Christ are now reaching out to their neighbors. Not just with the gospel, but also with programs like this English program, and computer skills programs to help children have an opportunity to have a future that is in a good industry, in a good job - because so many of the rural Cambodians, as they grow up migrate to the cities and enter into the sex trade simply because they know no other way for them to be able to support their families back home. Now they have options because the church is reaching out with their love and compassion. It's beautiful to see and this is the work not of some external organization but is the Cambodian Christians themselves who have called upon other Christians in other parts of the world to help them meet the need that they have seen and they have discerned in the Spirit and the Word of God.

It's been a wonderful experience there and I want to speak about that some more, yet I do want to have you listen to another song that speaks about the power of God's love.  This one's a song by Carolyn Arends from her album Seize the Day, and it's simply titled “The Power of Love”

For me the experience of seeing God's power to save was just incredible, going to Cambodia this past month, but God’s power to save isn't limited to mission fields in far-off and Beyond! Even the scripture which we read this morning from Isaiah was not God speaking to the far-off Nations to come to him and receive the blessings of God, but it was to his own people, people who probably thought themselves to be doing quite well. He was reminding them of the importance of turning to him, turning to God find the peace and the grace and the satisfaction that only God salvation can give.

So we we are invited by the scripture to ask ourselves what are we spending all our time on? Are we spending on our labor and effort on things that do not satisfy? What takes up our day? What takes up our moments? God invites us to spend our day pursuing him and doing his will, seeking first the kingdom and his righteousness. He invites us to do this because he knows that we this is what we were made for: The righteousness of God, which involves not simply personal Purity but also serving your neighbors, loving your enemies, helping strangers, finding ways to show a listing of God to others in practical ways and of course to pursue God through his word and through prayer. To spend that time asking the questions of God that you so often ask yourself sometimes.

In fact, I was recently talking to someone whose prayer was a very formal kind of exercise where he prayed The Lord's Prayer and some Graces and evening prayers that he had learned. I found out that there was some concern in his life, about the things he was going through, but his prayer life didn't have any way of expressing that.

So I encouraged him to look at the Psalms and see how the Psalmists sought God even when they were angry, even when they were frustrated with trying, and when they were doubtful about God. They knew that the only one who could meet their need was God and so, even though they were feeling out of sorts in their spiritual life, they still cried out and were honest with God about the emotions and the difficulties they were facing. In every Psalm they come to a place where they realize that God is listening, God hears their complaint and their cry and that God is a God who is able to help them.

We are called to come to God and He offers us this blessing He doesn't threaten in this passage he doesn't, in his passage, give dire warnings. Instead he says, “Are you thirsty? Come to the well! Are you hungry come to me! Are you are you laboring and heavy-laden?” just as our Lord Jesus says later in his ministry, “if you're weary and heavy-laden Laden come to me and I will give you rest.”

And so this word that I've seen to be true in my own life, that I’ve seen to be true in my ministry here in Rockland and other parts of Canada, and which I’ve seen again to be true in Cambodia -  this gospel, this truth - that God will meet our needs, our spiritual needs, is again offered to all of us in Jesus name.

Let's turn to God in prayer and ask him for help in this area.

Almighty God, if we've been drinking from fountains that don't give clean water, if we've been eating food that doesn’t satisfy, if we've been pursuing other goals and purposes in life, hoping to make ourselves happy, but if we've been neglecting you, we confessed that and we repent and turn away from that. Help us now to pursue you again, to find the water that truly quenches thirst, to find the bread that truly satisfies our need. It is you, Jesus, you are the True Vine, you are the true bread of life and to you we turn in our need. Thank you, Lord that you receive all who come to you. That all who call upon your name are saved:  that if we confess with our mouth and believe in our hearts then we are saved. Glory be to your name, in Jesus name we pray, Amen

Now once again I want to thank you our listeners for your encouragement support. We thank you because you keep us on air week by week. You keep us on air with your prayers, with your words of encouragement, with your support. We do want to encourage you to support our ministry financially. Good News Ministry has only one major cost and that's the cost of this broadcast. The hosts are volunteers and so are the people who take care of our website, organize our events and operate our board. Your gift can help us continue to meet that one vital expense of the radio broadcast. That enables us to reach you and over 7,000 listeners in the Ottawa River Valley. If you can, please make a check payable to Good News Christian Ministries and send it to Post Office Box 184 Rideau Ferry Ontario K0G 1W0 and we will be happy to send you a receipt at income tax time.

I also want to encourage you to tell others about this program.

Be sure to worship in a church where the gospel is soundly proclaimed and lived out with compassion, integrity and resolve. Now to conclude our program I would like to have you listen to a song called How majestic is your name performed by Marantha Music from their 1990s Worship Album

I do pray that the Lord will hold your heart and you would know Jesus personally and profoundly. May the Holy Spirit reside deep within your heart, may the heavenly Father surround you with his constant and abiding and accompanying love.

Good News In The Morning is produced in the Studios of News Talk Radio 580 CFRA.

Rev. Brian Wilkie
St. Andrew's Christian Community, Rockland, Ontario
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